DC-AS Converter for vibrators

A special-purpose dc-to-as current converter ISP-18/33 (ISP-11) is basically a free-convection-cooling microprocessor device, designed for control of a special three-phase asynchronous electrical motor of a vibrator EV-401 or EV-401-1, powered from the vehicle 24V (27V) electrical system

The converter is used for conversion of the 24V (27V) direct current voltage from a vehicle battery to alternative 3-phase 18V, 50Hz voltage.

Input parameters
Design voltage, V27 (+10% -20%)
Current typeDc

Design current, Inom,


Maximum momentary current, Imax,


Output parameters
Design voltage, V18
Design current frequency, Hz50
Number of phases3
Design current, Inom, 33,0
Maximum momentary current, Imax, 45,0
Mode of operation according to GOST min/20 min*
Protection rating according to GOST14254-96


Protection class according to GOST

Weight, kg, not exceeding


* 15 minutes – length of design operational period; 20 minutes – period of design off-interval.

The ISP converter provides emergency shutoff when the following is actuated:

protection from input undervoltage;

vibrator short-circuit protection;

the motor time-current protection;

earth leakage protection (tested before switching on);

thermal protection (response level 70 o).